Plant Three for the Bees

Bees are critical to our very survival and have been declared the most important living beings on this planet. We’re here to keep the buzz about bees going and want you to bee a part of the journey. Here’s how you can help, It’s as simple as 1, 2, Bee!

Step. 1

Order your bee-friendly seeds from our website.

Step. 2

Plant your seeds following the easy instructions.

Step. 3

Share your new leafy quarantine buddies online with the hashtag.


Bee Protection Area

Bring back the pollinators

Support bees to thrive naturally in a sustainable environment. Our goal is to increase bee numbers for pollination, by providing designated areas for bee homes, bee forage and habitat as safe havens for bees.

Assistance is needed to help bring back the bees and pollinators to thrive naturally in a sustainable environment. Nominate an area in your community as a Bee Protection Area.

Bee Protection Area

Help create safe havens – get involved to ensure bees flourish. Observe, learn, research bees in your local area to help combat illness, disease and to help the bees.

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Register your Interest

Bee Protection Area
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