Bee Day Australia in Myanmar

We received this wonderful email across the world from Myanmar (Burma)
Last September (2021) when it was World Honey Month, I was keen to share with the students in the school that I am principal of (in Yangon, Myanmar), how important bees are for our world.
Researching for information, I came across Bee Day Australia’s website and was really impressed by the content and access to relevant information.
I shared Bee Day Australia’s ideas with my school in our assembly and since then, the students have impressed me with their response to how they can personally help bee populations thrive by the choices they make because of the information shared on Bee Day Australia’s website.
I was not able to locate any information relevant to children other that the Bee Day Australia website which I greatly appreciated.
Thanks BeeDay Australia for the content that was filled with positivity and hands on ideas for children around the world to have access to, so that they can understand about how important bees are for our future.
Jennifer Mills
Primary Principal
MISY Yangon
Part of the school bee activity workbook
Part of the school bee activity workbook