Blue Mountains Pollinator Count

Let’s BEE citizen scientists and celebrate the diversity of pollinators in the Blue Mountains! Join Our Ambassador Amelie Vanderstock in this online event! 14 November , 10:30am-12pm (Online) Register for this Online Event You can join in by watching any flowering plant for just ten minutes sometime in the Blue Mountains Pollinator Count Week.
  • You don’t need to be an insect expert.
  • You don’t need fancy gear.
  • You may be surprised by what you see!

Australian Pollinator Week: Discovering Pollinators 

Join Our Ambassador Amelie Vanderstock in this online event! Stingless bees, blue banded bees, hoverflies and wasp mimics. Which native bees and other insect pollinators are visiting your local flower patch? Can you tell if they are a bee, fly or wasp? Why is this important? Learn about their mysterious lives and how to recognise the pollinating insects of Sydney this Australian Pollinator Week. Become a citizen scientist and test your new skills by doing a Wild pollinator count. This is a free online event however bookings are essential. Register for this Online Event   2021 Australian Pollinator Week Song Written and performed by the enormously talented Amelie Ecology and Reuben Ryan, it’s a celebration of our wonderful and diverse pollinators and is sure to get you all abuzz.  

Timetobee – the wonders of bees and backyards

For all of our lovely followers, there is an online event screening of ‘Timetobee’. For details, visit: Friday, 22nd August, 3:00pm Online event, live-streamed via Newcastle Museum’s Facebook page. About the author: Dani Lloyd-Prichard is a lifelong bee lover, an experienced and qualified beekeeper, researcher, educator and trainer. She has held President and other Executive positions on the NSW and Hunter Valley Amateur Beekeepers Associations, worked as the NSW DPI Honey Bee Education Officer responsible for developing, delivering and coordinating the Certificate III in Beekeeping, conducted and published bee research at the University of Newcastle, compiled and co-authored the AgGuide on Australian Native Bees, and has kept European and Stingless bees for over 10 years. Time to Bee is her business dream and offers one on one guidance, hive management assistance, informative gatherings and field trips for Women Beginner Beekeepers. Dani’s gentle and supportive approach helps women gain confidence when; caring for their bees, collecting and processing hive products, choosing apiary sites and equipment and conducting mandatory biosecurity inspections of their hives. Her gatherings are always fun and educational with compulsory sharing of bee stories, honey recipes and tastings. Personal beekeeping and beecology guidance to help women succeed in caring for their bees. One on one and group activities delivered in your apiary with your lovely bees.